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our approach

PATH (Partners Aligned Toward Health) brings together people and organizations to work toward a common goal: healthy children and families in Mitchell and Yancey Counties. We are known for our collaborative, ground-up approach to improving the health and well-being of our community.

We start with the Community Health Assessment to help us identify the most pressing health needs in our community. From there we bring together community partners to design and implement health initiatives tailored to our community and its specific needs. We strongly believe this multi-disciplinary approach is the only way we can effect real change at the individual, community, and systems levels.

For more than 20 years we’ve remained faithful to our mission of improving the health of children and families in a collaborative, community-based way.

our mission

Partners Aligned Toward Health brings people together to identify community needs and improve the health of children and families.

our vision

Vibrant communities of active, healthy children and families.

our core values

  • We value all children and families.
  • We believe collaboration brings about community change.
  • We believe in empowering individuals to make healthy decisions.
  • We believe strategic, systemic change is essential to create sustainable, healthy communities.
  • We believe focused flexibility allows us to be responsive to emerging needs.
  • We believe diversity strengthens our communities.
  • We believe in stewardship because we value our community resources.
  • We believe that our staff deserve support, professional development opportunities, competitive salaries and benefits, and a positive work environment.