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our programs

If creating a healthy, resilient, and sustainable community was a one-person job, we’d have finished the work long ago. In reality, the work is too large of an undertaking for any one person or even one organization. That’s why PATH brings together many volunteers, professionals, and organizations to achieve our vision of vibrant communities of active, healthy children and families. We approach our vision through the creation and implementation of programs targeted toward members of all ages and abilities across Mitchell and Yancey Counties.  


healthy lifestyle

Most people recognize how important healthy living is, but actually adopting a healthy lifestyle can feel like a chore. PATH’s Healthy Living programs help community members to incorporate healthful activities into their busy lives by making it easy and, dare we say, even fun. PATH is committed to introducing physical activities people can and want to do for a lifetime. Learn more. 


substance abuse prevention

As beautiful and vibrant and Mitchell and Yancey Counties are, our residents still face many of the issues affecting the rest of the country. Substance abuse and addiction is a growing challenge we take very seriously at PATH. We take an approach that includes awareness, education, advocacy, and prevention. Learn more.