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after school programs

students taking active roles (STAR)

STAR is a community effort that brings together educators, counselors, and adult mentors to provide at-risk middle school students with healthy after school activities, including: life-skills instruction, fitness activities, art activites (led by staff of Penland School of Crafts), opportunities to attend sports events at Mitchell High School (MHS), cooking classes and education around healthy eating, access to the  Bookmobile and  the MHS computer lab, homework assistance, and many other exciting special acitivities.   A nutritious snack is provided during each STAR Program session. In an effort to remove transportation as a barrier to participation, students ride school buses to the program and transportation home is coordinated through the Mitchell County Transportation Authority. Eligible student participants are given the opportunity to participate in the supervised after school activity two times each week during the school year.

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cougar fit club

The Cougar Fit Club brings together educators, counselors and fitness experts to mentor students predisposed for developing risky life style behaviors and to nurture their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. The over-arching goal of the program is to decrease the potential for risky behaviors (specifically substance use), increase school attendance, encourage the maintenance of passing grades, and reduce drop-out rates. This is accomplished through participation in physical exercise, intentional instruction (teaching of life skills), and selfless service (giving back to our community). Approximately 30 youth who have been identified by school counselors as high risk for risky behaviors participate in a supervised afterschool program. The project is on-going and is so successful a waiting list of student participants is maintained.