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drug safety initiatives

drop box locations

Yancey County Sheriff’s Office
Main Entrance
24 hours/ 7 days per week

Burnsville Town Hall
Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm

Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office
Main Entrance
Mon-Fri 8:00am- 7:00pm

Spruce Pine Police Department

drug drop boxes

Safely dispose of unused medication at one of 4 permanent drug drop boxes. We encourage you to leave medication in the original prescription bottle for the purpose of identifying the type of medication (please MARK OUT personal information on the label).

drug take back days

Each year, the Mitchell Yancey Substance Abuse Take Force MYSATF collaborates with local law enforcement, local pharmacies and pharmacists, and task force volunteers to collect unwanted/unused prescription medication from community members. To date, over 500,000 pills (from 2010 to 2013) and 466 additional pounds of drugs (from 2014-2016) have been collected and safely disposed of. This year our annual “Drug Take Back Day” will be held on September 22nd at The Prescription Pad in Burnsville.

drug lock boxes

Did you know that 70% of youth who abuse prescription drugs admit to getting them from family or friends? To date, MYSATF has distributed medication lock boxes to more than 200 individuals, physicians, senior centers, and churches FREE OF CHARGE. If you are interested in obtaining a medication lock box, please contact Jeff Spargo (Program Coordinator) at 828.682.7899 or jeff@pathwnc.org.