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We had a very successful 2018 Summer Food Program, and are pleased to share an update on what we accomplished:

  • Along with our partner agencies, we made 5 deliveries over the course of the summer, serving around 120 families (including 250 children) per week. This includes deliveries to the Family Violence Shelter each week as well.
  • Volunteers clocked over 400 volunteer hours packing and delivering boxes over the course of the summer.
  • We delivered over 7,500 pounds of fresh produce purchased from local farmers and donated by DigIn! Community Garden
  • As a new initiative this year, we included over 500 toothbrushes, over 120 tubes of toothpaste and packages of floss, and over 100 rolls of toilet paper and bars of soap.
  • Each of the 250 children we served received books with every delivery!

Learn more about our partners and details of the Summer Food Program here.

Some quotes from our families about the impact of this program include:

“It helped our family eat better. My son ate all the fruit and vegetables we were given and loved them.”

“With a little one, it’s hard to buy diapers and fresh vegetables. It helped us a lot.”

“My son loved the books that came in our boxes.”